Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 Years Ago...

4 years ago today on a HOT June Saturday afternoon I married my best friend. Greg and I met at a Young Life camp in November of 2003 and have been together ever since...well there was a brief 2 month period that we call the "dark days" and really don't speak about...but other than THAT we've been strong ever since! :)

If most of you have been around me since we've been together or have even been reading my blog the last few months you will know that I'm pretty fond of him. He is the most amazing, gracious, loving and godly man! He is way to good to me and I know that God overly blessed me when He brought Greg and I together!

I know, I know, enough mush already and let's see some wedding pictures!

I love this picture! Look how sweet those two look in their tuxedos!
The last 4 years we have lived in an apartment and now a lovely home, we some how have acquired 2 dogs, Greg has graduated from college, and I now look like this... 7 months pregnant with our first baby, a little girl we like to call Everly. Oh how life changes, I can't wait for more and more years with my best friend!