Saturday, August 31, 2013

Here Fishy-Fishy

Yesterday was Greg's birthday, he keeps telling me he has the "bug" to go fishing and wanted to go with Everlee and me. How thoughtful... so because he works so hard I nudged him into taking the day off since it will most likely be crazy town in the mountains with the long weekend. So up we went into the beautiful mountains of Idaho, I love that we only have to drive a short way to get "away" from the city! The weather was perfect in the morning and the light was beautiful for pictures, I honestly didn't even edit these! :)

Oh my heart!

I know this will be a birthday he won't forget!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Confetti and Sprinkles

We celebrated Everlee's 2nd year yesterday! I know all moms say it but...I can't believe I have a 2 year old!

I decided on a "Confetti & Sprinkles" theme. I wanted it to be simple since we would have our home filled with lots of family and friends!

That crazy talented lady that I get to call my Aunt Andrea helped me design a cute invitation and I added a little sequin embellishment because a girl needs a little sparkle!

PDF confetti paper via Etsy

Paper confetti and tassel garland adorned the mantle
Lets take a look at that tassel garland again, I'm not one to boast but this sucker took me hours to make! I wanted to buy it but it's at least $25 online, and Pinterest said it was 'simple'...umm simple yes, time consumed MOST DEF! In light of all that hard work it did turn out pretty cute, if I do say so myself and was only $4!

Next, I added a few confetti balloons. My original idea was to place the confetti inside the balloons but when I started blowing them up I realized they weren't very clear as the package described. So I improvised and with a little spray adhesive I "confetti-dipped" the balloons instead. I like the way they turned out! I don't want to take them down!

Oh the cake...if you know me at all you know baking is not my best quality (I mean a girl can only have so many good things going on right?!) I kid kid, but seriously baking makes me have anxiety, ask #thevipfour and they will tell you when we were planning for our Favorite Things Party (you can see that here and here) I was a little freaked because I was in charge of a batch of cookies!
Anyway, because I knew this about myself I tried to go as simple as I could. 3-layer white cake with cream cheese frosting. It was yummy and cute, who could ask for more?!

All in all, super cute and super simple in our tiny home! Which was quickly filled with lots of love for Everlee! We are so blessed to have such wonderful, fun and loving people that love on her. She is a lucky little girl.

We love you Everlee and can't wait to see what God has in store for your life!