Monday, July 1, 2013

Younglife Camp 2013

As most of you know I lead at Younglife for Meridian High. Last week I was blessed to have the opportunity to go to camp again this year. I've been doing this every summer since Greg and I got married, with the exception of last summer since Everlee wasn't ready to be away from me yet (and vice-verse).

Honestly, I wasn't ready to lead this year. The last 2 years have been so rough on me spiritually. Josh's accident was less than a month after I got back from camp the last time and this time last year was when my sweet friend Kristi took a turn and her husband Justin had to leave camp to be with her. This would also be the first time I've left Everlee for this long! So, needless to say, my heart wasn't prepared but I could just feel God pulling me to go, and let me tell ya, He smacked me upside my head the first night and said 'FYI Jessica...this is about ME not YOU!' I fell in love with this group of girls so quickly, their love for God and each other was so impacting! Not only did these kids get to hear the amazing love story of Jesus Christ but my heart was filled to the max by Him! I came back more in love with God but also more in love with this ministry and the other leaders who make it possible!

We had a few girls make some life-changing commitments to the Lord and it just makes me so proud to know we serve an amazing God who changes lives for all eternity and heaven is having a party when these commitments are made!

I took over 500 I won't slow your computer down with that many... here are just a few! If you think about it, keep these girls (leaders too!) in your prayers! They are truly amazing!

These are all our Idaho leaders!

I was blessed with these 2 women who were leading with me this year. All 3 of us had Kristi as our leader in Highschool and we each have a great story of how God used Kristi to change out lives! It was so fun to hear their stories about her and I know she was smiling on us all week!