Friday, February 25, 2011

I've got the itch!

I'm not sure if it's because I'm starting to see a little bump on my belly, I'm excited, or because miss Andrea introduced me to this website at which I spend WAY to much time... whatever it is I'm starting to get the itch to decorate that room for Baby T! The big bummer is that we don't even know the gender yet, which makes it even harder! Can you say impatient?!

I have a LOT of rooms I like but I'll spare you a stroke from going through a million photos and share with you the 2 I love.

If we are blessed with a little man... I like how clean and simple this one is.
How cute is this?!

Birds kind of freak me out so we will have to choose a different animal :)

If we are blessed with a little miss... I love the antique-y look, I was given a few items when my Great Grandma passed away a few years ago that I would LOVE to display like this.
If you didn't know already I have a love for vintage suitcases! I have a beautiful one from my G-Grandma as well as 2 from mi madre and the hubs. I also have a wonderful mama who has a cool little store loaded with vintage goodness!! (Which is moving to Meridian in April!)

Can't you just smell the sweetness?!

The great thing about these two rooms is that no painting is required (I can hear Greg singing the Hallelujah Chorus now) and I like that they aren't too "theme-y"- not that that is bad, it's just not me or Greg.

I'll be playing the gender-waiting game for a few more weeks. Until then I'm just going to enjoy the blessings of not fitting into my jeans, a crazy appetite, heart burn and the little flutters of life :) 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Feel So...WICKED!

Do you have a "bucket list"?

I don't have a list written down but I do have some things I would love to do in my is one:
After MANY years of singing the soundtrack at the top of my lungs I FINALLY get to see it on the stage!
Thanks to the best husband in the whole-wide world I purchased my ticket and I have my seat next to a couple of my favorite people!

The only problem...the musical is over 2 hours, I will be 6 months pregnant...I can't even wait 30 minutes NOW without going to the bathroom...I'm guessing there is an intermission! 

What is something you've always wanted to do?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yup...I did it!

Well, here I am. I'm not to sure what I'm doing or what I will even post from day to day (or week to week if I'm being honest), but I'll give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen? Probably offend someone...

To start I thought I would explain my blog name.

I've lived my entire life with a love/hate relationship with my hair (insert my mother's eye roll here). Only recently I've come to embrace this blessing. I have naturally wavy hair, I know, most of you would kill to have curl to your hair, but to defend my frustration with it, it's not really curly or straight, it's just wavy. SOMETHING always has to be done to it... product or straighten, It's in a constant state of indecision. I can't just get out of the shower and look like Kate from Lost (in more ways than one). Luckily God gave me a man who loves my hair curly so I've come to embrace it and actually love that I have the option of curly or straight for the day. 
Just like my indecisive hair my life is full of little "curls" that I have yet to uncover as true blessings from God!

As most of you already know the hubby and I have a BIG year!  He is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering in May, I can't express how proud of him I am! He is an amazing man and most of what he is learning goes way over my head but someone has to have a passion for intersections right?!
We are also expecting our first baby in August! I'm loving being pregnant, I just can't believe I get to carry this little person inside of me!

To say that I am blessed would be an understatement!

Happy Day!