Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Pinned It...Then Did It!

If you are anything like me you've pinned things on Pinterest and never look back! :) Well, here are a few things I ACTUALLY crafted!
I saw these first from Andrea and Kelly. I'm not sure if they used the same tutorial as I did but they turned out pretty cute! I used real vintage blue mason jars. I gave them to my mom, grandma and aunt for Christmas.
Tutorial HERE
I think she liked it!

I also pinned this awhile back... I thought that with all the vintage doilies in my mom's shop this would look so pretty in her house!
via Pinterest

So I created this...I secretly wish I would have made 2! Maybe someday. My mom LOVED it!

I've always been frustated with the way I display Christmas cards, I usually just throw them in a basket but I always want to SEE them. I saw this and thought it was a cute idea.
via Pinterest

Here is my version-

Lastly, because Everlee needed a place to sleep, Greg and I now share a room that has his music stuff in and I have my stuff for work. It's a small space and primarily decorated in "boy" things...I needed something to look at that would make me smile. I saw this a few weeks back and thought I could do that!
Tutorial HERE

Here is my version...don't look too close you will see wrinkles in the fabric, it was a PAIN to iron out the fabric, I finally gave up and realized that it was going to be covered with things and I was the only one looking at it so I really didn't care to much.

Much more cute with a few things I have been keeping around for awhile.

Ahh! I can finally check a few things off the "pinterest list" other than recipes! Now, only if I can get this house cleaned and the laundry done...

Fa la la la la!!

Because the week of Christmas was filled with so much family, food, and fun I'm going to spare you all the stories and let the pictures do the talking! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! 
Our 2011 Christmas Card
My fun Christmas wrapping!

At the Schmeckpeper Christmas it's a tradition to have a Pente tournament. It's fun, I hate it because I'm not any good...

See, I need to drink in order to even play! (J/K)

So intrigued by all the buzzing, beeping and bright lights!

Grandpa Schmeck and Everlee

Our favorite 7 year old spent the night so his parents could enjoy their anniversary. Breakfast for dinner, secret missions, Halo, Christmas movies and much more! It was a fun night!
Taddicken Christmas! We have the kids open their gifts first...I was excited to watch Ethan open this because I heard he REALLY wanted it! Can't you tell! 

Hmm... I wonder who got her this?!
I walked away with this sweet print from Andrea. I couldn't find the exact link to the seller but it's from Etsy.

She really wasn't sure about some of the toys.

Sweet sisters!

Sleepy baby!

I love watching grandma open gifts, she truly LOVES everything!

Apparently Bee Keeping is the next adventure!

Not sure about my face here but I love these guys! The best cousins a girl could ask for!

Yesss!!! I got one!

Sooo sleepy! She slept until 9:45 the morning after Christmas!

THIS is what it's all about! God sending his son to dwell among us and then die on the cross because he loved us so much! We celebrate his birth, remember his sacrifice and glorify Him who sits on the throne!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I dare you...

To find a more darling little girl than this-

Andrea came by last week and did a little impromptu photo session for our Christmas cards. This is one that she took, it's not on the card but still so cute. This is the closest to a smile we got the whole time. I just still look at her every day and think how blessed I am that God gave me this little girl.

Thanks Auntie A! You did a great job!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Although I thoroughly enjoy the month of November...this one was a little rough. I'm so glad I did the thankfulness each day because I'm guessing if I didn't I would currently be residing in a dark corner, huddled in a ball, rocking back and forth and eating my hair.

Between a crazy little girl who doesn't like to sleep, a dog who likes to eat dog food by the pound, a washer and dryer that almost burned down our house, a mouse that wouldn't leave our home, a mysterious rash on my stomach and back that won't go away and a few other things that I'll keep to myself for now, I'm surprised Greg didn't have me committed! If it wasn't for the wonderful people the Lord has put in my life to encourage me I'm pretty sure I would have been there!

Well, it's December now and I think we are on the upward swing of things...

Everlee slept through the night...IN HER CRIB... thank you very much. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it's something I've been absolutely TERRIFIED to try out. She has struggled with some reflux and we've had her sleeping in her swing (shhh, don't tell the doctor). She has been sleeping 8+ hours when elevated. But the last few weeks I've been slowly "training" her to take her naps in her crib. She didn't like it at first, but we talked and she agrees that it's the best thing for her! :) She slept last night 9:45pm to 8:30am! Yup, pretty sweet huh?!

We SCORED on a washer and dryer combo, thanks to Cyber Monday deals. They will be arriving shortly, I'm excited and annoyed about a new front loading set all at the same time. Excited that I get to "re-organize" the laundry room but annoyed that I HAD to do it! It's all wrapped in thankfulness that we had an emergency fund that was really hit hard this month thanks to the doggy-eat-o-matic named Jake.

Even though Jake makes me crazy thanks to his nose we found our that as of 10 minutes ago we caught our little Ratatouille! I do have to say he was pretty cute, but then Greg reminded me that he was the reason I had to clean and disinfect my pots and pans almost every day! So long Mickey, you will not be missed.

Now, you are probably she going to talk about her mysterious rash and do I need to stay away from her? Fear not, we figured it's only my crazy sensitive skin. Pardon me if that was TMI for's not like I had something weird :)

I do have to give some shout outs for all those who made this November great and helped me to find the humor and thankfulness out of it!
My husband (for making me laugh when I needed it), my momma (who bore me and made an amazing thanksgiving meal), Andrea (for iced teas, sewing, shopping and lunch dates), Julie (the grandma who is brave enough to take a 3 month old for the afternoon), Jake "the mickey finder", Everlee (as of yesterday), Vaseline Intensive Care for Sensitive Skin, Michael Buble' for singing like what I think butter sounds like and lastly Leon at Lowe's for helping me find my new washer and dryer set!

I'm excited for December! I'm excited to celebrate when God sent His son Jesus down to earth, it's truly a wonderful time of the year!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful {Day 30}

This November thankful project was so good for me! I had a rough month... it was helpful to be able to take a step back, and see how I can be thankful for the circumstances I was in.

Above all of the thankfulness this month I'm most thankful for my Lord. Without Him I don't know where I would be! Without Him I wouldn't be able to find true joy!Without Him I would be weak and scared! With Him I can do all things!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 months!

3 Months Old
Almost 15 pounds
Rolling over (tummy to back- almost back to tummy)
Talking ALL the time! 
LOVES her Daddy
Grabbing at toys
Loves to sit in the Bumbo
  I love this girl!

Thankful {Days 28 & 29}

About the last week it's been a rough go with Miss Everlee. She is such a good baby but when she wants to sleep she throws the most incredible fits! It's really tested my patience!
I have a hard time just letting her cry because it just makes me sick to my stomach but I know that she needs to sleep, and usually it only lasts about 10 minutes, but that feels like an hour!

Yesterday my wonderful mother in law came to the rescue, I think she could tell I just needed some time off :) She took her for the afternoon and it was such a nice refresher!

I'm so thankful for Julie, I couldn't have asked for a better mother in law!! :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankful {Day 26 & 27}

I have to be honest, the last 2 days I have had a hard time finding things to be thankful for. I've been in a funk and my darling little girl has really been testing my patience. Do you ever feel like you have those days when you just feel like you struggle just to keep up? I'm sure I'm not the only one!

At church this morning, the message was on Romans 5:12-21. Our pastor admitted this was a hard passage to preach on. Paul is all over the place, but I really liked the way he broke it down.Sin and death came through Adam but grace and LIFE came through Christ. I  know how much theology is packed into these verses but sometimes having it broken down into simple terms helps.

No matter what struggles life brings, I can be thankful to have life because of Jesus!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Days...

Whew! Anyone else feel like this month is flying by?! Before we know it Christmas will be here and then New Years.

Day 22- Andrea beat me to it but I'm thankful for the once-a-month Bunko group that I am apart of. It's so fun to have one girly night guaranteed a month! I love the time I get with them!

Day 23- I'm thankful for my friend Kelly- Kelly and I have a lot in common, I met her through Andrea (just another reason I love her). She has been so fun to get to know the last few years. One thing I love about her is that we both have the same sense of humor, we like the same tv shows and laugh at the same jokes. Most recently she introduced me to a YouTube video series that made me have to stop multiple times and go to the bathroom! You HAVE to watch it. It's called Kid History and it's on YouTube. Here is the first episode...keep watching because it gets better!

Day 24- This year was particularly hard for our family, Josh and I use to help my mom every year with the meal. It was hard not to think of him while mom and I were cooking. I know he was with us! I know he would have gotten a kick out of her and I blowing the circuit breaker because of all the crock-pots we had plugged in! I'm thankful that I got to spend the day with my family and thankful that we were able to laugh and talk about Josh.

Day 25- This is the first year in awhile I didn't go on the adventure known as Black Friday. I'm a little sad because I usually have so much fun but I did have a nice morning sipping coffee with my little family. I'm thankful for the "lazy" days that are so rare nowadays!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful {Day 20 & 21}

26 years ago today the world became a little bit brighter because I was born... HA! Would it be weird to blog about myself?! I'll try and you can be the judge...

In all seriousness I do love my birthday, not just because it's a day solely devoted to ME (kidding), I love it because I get to spend it with the people I love! I know some people don't like getting older, it might be because I'm only 26 so it's not so bad yet, but I like reflecting on the last year. A lot of things can happen in a year and I could probably write a novel on all the things that have happened to me this year. I've grown a lot!  I've grown closer to God, Greg, family and friends. I think that 26 is going to be a good year for me!

Fun fact about my birthday... it always falls on or close to the week of Thanksgiving. So usually my extended family gives me a gift at Thanksgiving because that is when we would see each other. When I was younger I didn't really understand that Thanksgiving was NOT about ME! I always thought it was weird that we did this whole elaborate dinner for me but we never really did that for my brother in June...I never told anyone until I was older that I thought Thanksgiving was about my birthday, I was too embarrassed when I finally figured it out when I started going to school and learned about the Pilgrims and Indians! :) Blonde moments for me started at a young age!

Today, I'm thankful I get to spend the day with my family and friends. I am also thankful to God and His rich blessings He gave me during my 25th year!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful {Day 18 & 19}

Travis came home!! Wahoo! We all breathed a sigh of relief when that plane hit the ground!
We are all so proud of him and glad to have him home!

So thankful for my brother-in-law!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful {Day 17}

Tonight I got home from bootcamp with my MIL (mother-in-love) and saw that Jake our dog was acting really strange. He didn't eat his dinner, he acted like he had done something wrong and his belly was REALLY swollen and hard as a rock...
Greg got home and immediately took him to the vet because it could have been bloat which can kill dogs in less than an hour. I was so scared and sad, I started crying thinking this is the last time I was going to see him!
Greg texts me and says that the vet seems concerned and he is going in for an x-ray. He texts me later and says that his stomach is completly full of...FOOD!! Idiot, tore a hole in the bottom of Kimber's food bag (which is a special expensive food because she is high maintenance and has food allergies) and had been eating it for at least 2 hours straight! The x-ray showed his stomach so full that you couldn't even see his bladder...seriously.
Oh no, that's not the worse of it-
His stomach is so full that it will tear if he as so much drank water. Yeah...
So because the food soaked up all the water in his body they have to give him an IV and keep him over night to walk him so his stomach won't tear!
He'll be home in the morning, $300 later and hopefully feeling better!!
He is an idiot but I love him...

I am thankful for our emergency fund $$!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful {Day 16}

I have a good friend, someone with whom I wouldn't have recommitted my life to Christ without. She is a wife, mom, Young Life leader, and an amazing women of God.
A few years back she had a horrible battle with cancer that spread through her body faster than doctors have seen. She went through the surgeries, chemo and recovery with God by her side and it was so hard to watch but at the same time wonderful to watch her and her husband lean on the Lord through the entire process. She is my hero because of her strength. Because of the fast growing cancer she had to have her whole reproductive system removed but a few years after, God blessed their family with 2 sweet boys they adopted, these boys couldn't be cuter or more perfect for their family. I know God created them just for Kristi and Justin.
Kristi has been cancer free for at least 3 years until this summer. Right before we were all supposed to go to Young Life camp the doctor's found a large tumor that was right on her lung, it was about as big as her heart and growing fast. In fact, it wasn't there in February, that's how fast growing it was. They immediately went into surgery. While we were at camp the Young Life leaders prayed for her the morning of her surgery, we cried and lifted up our prayers to God. We prayed big, that the cancer wouldn't be there at all when they got in there, that the cancer wouldn't have spread, that the cancer would be smaller than they thought...
Kristi's doctor's got all the cancer and it didn't spread anywhere else!! The surgery went so well they didn't even need to do chemo!
It was a miracle because her type of cancer grows so fast and it didn't spread into any other part.

Yesterday we found out the cancer is back again. It's like that stupid cat that came back the very next day. They aren't doing surgery, they are going to start her on chemo.
This time is different, her family has grown, how do you explain this to 2 young boys?!
I think it would be so easy to start getting angry with God, and I'm sure she has questioned God like we all have. But she and her family are staying faithful through it.

Today I'm choosing to be thankful in God's sovereign plan. He knows the plan for the Davis Family, I don't. I can be angry but I'm choosing to be angry at the sin in the world and thankful that God has power over it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful {Day 15}

Next door there is this huge tree that is between our lawn and our neighbors. This tree gives us shade from the hot evening sun in the summer, beautiful color in the fall and dumps all these leaves in our yard in the winter. It's a big tree, we could probably rake every day and fill up a bag of leaves. I have to admit I get slightly annoyed at the number of leaves it dumps in our yard. Not sure how to justify getting annoyed at a tree...
The other day, after we had a really windy day the lawn was covered, you couldn't even see the grass! On top of it, it was wet from a little rain the day before...gross.
We got home from a long day at church, pulled into the driveway and *poof* leaves are gone! Our wonderful neighbors not only raked their leaves they did our lawn too! How wonderful is that?!

I'm thankful for kind neighbors!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful {Days 12-14}

This weekend went by so fast! We were busy from Friday night until about 10 minutes ago when we got home from Young Life.

I'm taking 3 days of thankfulness and wrapping them up into something that has been on my heart lately...

I have quite the eclectic family structure. Most of the time divorce brings out the worst in people, have negative associations and most of the time when I tell people my parents are divorced I get a sad reaction, "Oh, I'm sorry". Yeah, it's sad and I absolutely have my issues from it but I have come to really be thankful for what I have as a result. I have gained more grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins because of it. Recently at my baby shower, everyone went around and said how they knew me...I had at least 4 grandmothers there...I remember Kelly coming up to me afterward and asking HOW that was possible, the math just didn't add up! Seriously who wouldn't want more grandmothers?!
I have also gained another family marrying Greg. Again, most people talk about "in-laws" like they are talking about getting a root canal. I love my in-laws! Now, how many of you can say that?! (hopefully a lot of you).

Now, it's not all rainbows and unicorns all the time but I love my crazy family. I'm thankful that Everlee gets to grow up in a family like this and I'm thankful I have them too!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful {Day 10 & 11}

Thankful Day 10-
Yesterday just got away from me! I was able to spend some much needed time with Andrea and Ethan. I'm so thankful that they live so close. I'm thankful for the example Andrea is to me as a mom, wife, friend and importantly a woman of God. She is an encouragement to me, especially when she struggles. Don't worry Andrea, I'm not going to air any dirty laundry, but you know how some people deal with trials with strength and grace, that is Andrea. I'm sure like all of us she has her moments when she quietly cries in a closet (oh wait, I think that is just me?!), but in those moments she leans and trusts on the Lord. I love that about her. I'm thankful for the example she is to me!

Thankful Day 11-
Today we should all be thankful for all the men and woman of the military. It's because of them that we can have the freedom we experience today!
I'm especially thankful for this guy...
Travis is my brother-in-law that has been serving our country in Iraq and HE COMES HOME THIS MONTH!! Wahoo! We are so excited to have him home, he brings quite a fun dynamic to the family and we've missed him a lot. 

This little girl I'm sure is excited, she doesn't even know it yet! She is meeting Travis for the first time through Skype. Isn't technology great!?

Today, thank a veteran! They have sacrificed greatly for our freedom. These days, more than ever, we should be thankful for them!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful {Day 9}

I'm so grateful for Kelly and Andrea for their inspiration to do the thankful days of November. All day I think of what I'm thankful for, even when I'm frustrated with something I find myself thinking, "how can I be thankful for this". I kind of like it!

I'm not sure how many of you actually LIKE to clean the house, but I love it. Now, I am a little bit of a drama queen when it comes to cleaning the bathrooms...I think it's gross so my wonderful husband does them for me, but other than that I'll do everything else.
I don't know if it's the clean smell afterward or the way I can justify staying in my PJ's all day because I know I'll just get gross cleaning, either way I love cleaning.

I don't have a big house or a small house, I have the perfect house for us. There are some days Greg and I kick ourselves for not waiting to buy because we know we could get a lot more for a lot less. but that's not what God's plan for us was. He wanted us here, and we love it!

I'm thankful for the home we have. Just like Goldilocks said, "This one is just right".

These guys seem to like it!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful- Day 8

Since I began working part-time from home 2 weeks ago I am sad to say that I haven't been doing my devotions. I have been really struggling with how to manage my time between being a momma, taking care of the house, and work. Seems like I don't have time for myself but I need to make time. More than ever I need to make time for my relationship with God.
This morning during work I turned on my Grooveshark and played my "gospel" mix (if you don't know what Grooveshark is you are missing out!) Even though I was working while the music played I found myself truly worshiping God. I felt like He was showing me that I can worship and spend time with Him whenever and wherever. Even though I need to set aside personal time for the Word it was refreshing to my soul to have a little time with God through music this morning. I think He knew just what I needed.
I think I have shared this song before, but it always reminds me how much God loves me. The lyrics are incredible. He loves me so personally and so strongly. It's pretty amazing if you ask me!

I'm thankful for a personal God who loves me despite my humanness.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful-Day 7

Today I'm thankful for technology

I grew up without a computer in the house...shocking I know. We didn't get a computer until I was probably in 7th grade. It had sweet programs like "Where in the world is Karmen San Diego" and had a DOS operating system...can you say awesome!? I didn't even have a cell phone until high school...
I'm not so old that they weren't invented they were just bigger than my backpack!

Now the world relies on technology. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I'm not on the computer! It's a love/hate relationship with technology. I hate it because I hear and see way to much about what is going on in people's lives. News flash...I don't really care where you are every second and who you are with.

I am thankful for it though because it allows me to connect with my family and friends. I love that within minutes I can take a picture and send it to all my family! I love that in a few clicks I can get a recipe to fix for my hubby. I love that with a few scrolls I can be educated with the goings-on in the world.

I'm thankful for technology because we can capture and share our lives with family and friends faster than snail mail.

I mean, seriously, who wouldn't want this picture in their inbox?!

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you...that does say 14 pounds! Hello chunk!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful- Day 6

Today (and every day) I'm thankful for my husband

I know I brag about him often on here but honestly, he rocks. He is a wonderful husband, dad and man of God. I don't see him as much as I would like but that is because he works so hard for us. He makes me look like a slacker, he will work 12 hour days and still come home in a good mood. He truly is a man after God's heart and still makes my heart flutter. :)

Rock On...

So, I mentioned a couple posts ago that Greg's band The Gunfighters had a gig. They have been working really hard and I was able to go and watch with my friend Robin.
I give Greg a bad time about playing sometimes because he will seriously play with anyone that asks because he just likes to play. He is really good too (not being biased at all)...
Their music is a little different, I would categorize it as "folk-rock", if you have ever heard or listened to Mumford and Sons (which I highly recommend) they are a little more "rocky" then them. They even have a legit is that (she says without any sarcasm)

Well, now that I have seen them live I have to shut my mouth. They are good! Their musicianship is incredible, they are all so talented! I'm not just saying this because I get to go home with a rock-star now, they are really good! I wish I would have been able to get better photos but the lighting in the building was hard for me to get a good photo.

Rock on Greg...rock on!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful- Day 5

I'm thankful today for the 'little things'....

I'm thankful for books
Since I was a little girl I've loved to read. I can read for hours, I've been even know to read into the early hours of the day. I'm thankful for the way books allow me to relax for a few minutes (or hours) a day.
 I'm thankful for coffee
Since I was a little girl I've loved coffee (ha!). But seriously, I'm slightly addicted. I love the rich aroma and the gurgling of the coffee pot in the morning. It puts a smile on my face. I'm also thankful that Everlee doesn't seem to mind it either! Is anyone else excited to see those red cups at Starbucks?!
I'm thankful for music
Again, since I was a little girl I've loved music. Like books it helps me to relax. I really like any kind of music, pop, country, rock, folk...anything! I'm thankful that it's a shared love between Greg and I, anytime we are doing anything around the house or just hanging out there is always music playing. We can't dance or sing that well but we sure act like we do!
Speaking of music, Greg's band is playing for the first time at a music and arts festival. I'm excited to watch him play, they have put a lot of hard work into tonight's gig and I'm sure that it will pay off! I'm going to sneak in my camera and hopefully take some pictures!

What are you thankful for?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Too Fast

I can't believe how fast Everlee is growing up! She is 10 weeks old today! She holds her head up really well, coos and laughs, rolled over (twice-probably a fluke), loves to blow bubbles and raspberries.

Before I know it she is going to be asking to borrow the car...