Saturday, December 3, 2011


Although I thoroughly enjoy the month of November...this one was a little rough. I'm so glad I did the thankfulness each day because I'm guessing if I didn't I would currently be residing in a dark corner, huddled in a ball, rocking back and forth and eating my hair.

Between a crazy little girl who doesn't like to sleep, a dog who likes to eat dog food by the pound, a washer and dryer that almost burned down our house, a mouse that wouldn't leave our home, a mysterious rash on my stomach and back that won't go away and a few other things that I'll keep to myself for now, I'm surprised Greg didn't have me committed! If it wasn't for the wonderful people the Lord has put in my life to encourage me I'm pretty sure I would have been there!

Well, it's December now and I think we are on the upward swing of things...

Everlee slept through the night...IN HER CRIB... thank you very much. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it's something I've been absolutely TERRIFIED to try out. She has struggled with some reflux and we've had her sleeping in her swing (shhh, don't tell the doctor). She has been sleeping 8+ hours when elevated. But the last few weeks I've been slowly "training" her to take her naps in her crib. She didn't like it at first, but we talked and she agrees that it's the best thing for her! :) She slept last night 9:45pm to 8:30am! Yup, pretty sweet huh?!

We SCORED on a washer and dryer combo, thanks to Cyber Monday deals. They will be arriving shortly, I'm excited and annoyed about a new front loading set all at the same time. Excited that I get to "re-organize" the laundry room but annoyed that I HAD to do it! It's all wrapped in thankfulness that we had an emergency fund that was really hit hard this month thanks to the doggy-eat-o-matic named Jake.

Even though Jake makes me crazy thanks to his nose we found our that as of 10 minutes ago we caught our little Ratatouille! I do have to say he was pretty cute, but then Greg reminded me that he was the reason I had to clean and disinfect my pots and pans almost every day! So long Mickey, you will not be missed.

Now, you are probably she going to talk about her mysterious rash and do I need to stay away from her? Fear not, we figured it's only my crazy sensitive skin. Pardon me if that was TMI for's not like I had something weird :)

I do have to give some shout outs for all those who made this November great and helped me to find the humor and thankfulness out of it!
My husband (for making me laugh when I needed it), my momma (who bore me and made an amazing thanksgiving meal), Andrea (for iced teas, sewing, shopping and lunch dates), Julie (the grandma who is brave enough to take a 3 month old for the afternoon), Jake "the mickey finder", Everlee (as of yesterday), Vaseline Intensive Care for Sensitive Skin, Michael Buble' for singing like what I think butter sounds like and lastly Leon at Lowe's for helping me find my new washer and dryer set!

I'm excited for December! I'm excited to celebrate when God sent His son Jesus down to earth, it's truly a wonderful time of the year!

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  1. I'm so glad you made it through November and your attitude of gratitude in the midst of your very emotional, difficult, amazing, horrible year you've had. You are such an example of faith and your love of the Lord shines. XOXO