Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Pinned It...Then Did It!

If you are anything like me you've pinned things on Pinterest and never look back! :) Well, here are a few things I ACTUALLY crafted!
I saw these first from Andrea and Kelly. I'm not sure if they used the same tutorial as I did but they turned out pretty cute! I used real vintage blue mason jars. I gave them to my mom, grandma and aunt for Christmas.
Tutorial HERE
I think she liked it!

I also pinned this awhile back... I thought that with all the vintage doilies in my mom's shop this would look so pretty in her house!
via Pinterest

So I created this...I secretly wish I would have made 2! Maybe someday. My mom LOVED it!

I've always been frustated with the way I display Christmas cards, I usually just throw them in a basket but I always want to SEE them. I saw this and thought it was a cute idea.
via Pinterest

Here is my version-

Lastly, because Everlee needed a place to sleep, Greg and I now share a room that has his music stuff in and I have my stuff for work. It's a small space and primarily decorated in "boy" things...I needed something to look at that would make me smile. I saw this a few weeks back and thought I could do that!
Tutorial HERE

Here is my version...don't look too close you will see wrinkles in the fabric, it was a PAIN to iron out the fabric, I finally gave up and realized that it was going to be covered with things and I was the only one looking at it so I really didn't care to much.

Much more cute with a few things I have been keeping around for awhile.

Ahh! I can finally check a few things off the "pinterest list" other than recipes! Now, only if I can get this house cleaned and the laundry done...


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Doesn't it feel good to actually do some of those things?!? I just made a "tried things" board a few weeks ago to report on the pins I've actually done.
    And yes, that was the same tutorial we used & we used real vintage blue jars too :)

  2. Awesome ...
    You're rocking this whole stay at home mom gig. I know that isn't what this post is about, per say, but isn't great to have little snippets of time to work on these kinds of things! I know that they keep me going and make me happy and I can see that they do the same for you!

    P.S. Also feeling like I need a doily table runner ... that will be a 'thrifting' goal for 2012.