Thursday, April 28, 2011


Whew! It's been quite the last couple weeks!

It all started with a wonderful and much needed girls weekend with the best ladies around! We ate, laughed, crafted, laughed, ate, and laughed some more! I won't post too many pictures because what happens on girls weekend stays at girls weekend!
Saying hi to Jessie- which next time it's a MUST that you are there!

A cute wreath for my little miss' room...which is really all I did...there was a bit of crafting with some burlap but after being banned to the deck by a certain someone (Kelly *cough *cough) where I was exposed to the elements I came inside and gave up! Just kidding, I actually started to break out! Ha!

The lovely Andrea's quilt, the light doesn't do it justice, its beautiful! She is so talented!
This is what I spent the last night doing...I figured I will only be able to reach my feet for a little bit longer so I took advantage! You'll notice the antacids which were a must for me with all the AMAZING food around!
Like THIS can't have a girls weekend without PIE!

This was the beginning of what I believe we are now calling "Mug-Rug-A-Palooza 2011" We ended the weekend with about 15 mug rugs, too much cute fabric to pass up!
It was such a fun weekend, I hope that we can start making it a annual or bi-annual tradition! It was so wonderful to be surrounded by some of my best friends all weekend!

With only 3 more months to go (um, yeah I know...only 3 months, may I have a paper bag please?!) before we have a little miss around these parts we bought the first piece for her room...the adorable crib!
After about an hour or so of me cleaning up the room that has become a catch-all instead of a guest room Greg had the crib up and put together in less than 30 minutes! He's awesome, he did have some help from a 4-legged friend...
I still can't believe we are blessed to have a little girl coming into our lives! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freaking out a little, parenting is a lot of pressure! I'm so beyond lucky to have such wonderful family and girlfriends to look up to for advice and someone to lean on when it gets a little rough, I know that she will be in good hands!

Speaking of family...we had a wonderful time last weekend celebrating Jesus' Resurrection!
Kelly posted a wonderful reminder of what Good Friday was all about and it set my heart straight for the weekend to come. What Christ did willingly on the cross needs to be a constant reminder each and every day, and the fact that He rose again gives us HOPE for the future! Who doesn't need and want hope?!

We got to spend some quality time with Greg's say I love that I am a part of this family would be an understatement! Sadly, when Greg is in charge of the camera you get more pictures of food and people not looking at the camera then nice shots...

This is only a portion of the yummy food  we ate!
Not to sure what we were talking about but I'm sure it was as loud as it looks!
Yup, that is the only picture of anyone looking at the camera!!

Lastly, I'm going to leave you with a video that I have watched probably 15 times this week. If you don't tear up then maybe you aren't as hormonal as I am or you don't have a heart (just kidding). This is one of my favorite hymns sung by my favorite singer! I've heard her sing it live and it is beyond amazing! This hymn is one I sing a lot, it reminds me that no matter the circumstances in my life, good or bad, the Lord is great in all things and I need to praise him for each and everything!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brain Overload!

I know I'm not the only one who has felt like this but lately I just cannot turn my brain off! I will lay in bed trying desperately to relax and sleep but my brain will just not stop! This has been going on since Friday night, I didn't fall asleep until 3:30ish and BING wide awake at 7:00am.

The funny thing is that I'm not worried or stressed out (shocking I know) I'm just thinking...about anything and everything..., baby, work, nursery ideas, baby names, spring cleaning projects, books, songs I want to download, movies, people...the list goes on. My doctor said I can take Unisom but I don't want to start depending on it. My baby will probably come out so groggy she'll just sleep all the time...wait a minute...maybe it's a good idea (kidding).
I've tried praying (not that that should make me sleep know what I mean), writing things down, reading or watching tv to get my mind off all these things and nothing seems to work.

I'm sure it's natural when you are getting ready for a big change in life for your mind to just wonder but seriously, why can't these ideas come during the day when I need them?! That would at least be a little more productive because during the day I'm so punch-drunk tired I can't engage my brain to save my life! No joke, I was so tired on Saturday afternoon I had to sit down while I folded laundry! Really?! I'm 25 years old I shouldn't have to sit down to do anything!

Well apparently I'm not the only one, I came across this sign today and it made me laugh.

The one positive thing I have gotten out of this is a LOT of fun ideas I want to do! Now...only if I can have enough energy during the day to do them it would be perfect!

What do you do to shut off your brain?!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little Perspective

We bought our new camera about a week ago now and I was looking through the pictures we have taken so far. Most of them are junk because we are getting the hang of it. But some of the ones that turned out crack me up because it gave me some perspective about what goes on in our house and lives right now and how much it will change come August!

Dinner time will change...Greg always laughs at me because I love to experiment with different recipes and because we don't get to eat dinner together very often I like to try new things. We made a frittata with ham, tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, onions, and mushrooms this week that turned out wonderful!

Greg gets the cheese, my sad piece is in the background.

Our "relationship" with these two is going to change... Look at those sweet faces! They are truly the best dogs, a little crazy but we love them. Their little world will be rocked but they are dogs and they'll get over it. Give them 2 days after little miss is here and they'll be none the wiser...
Can you tell who doesn't like getting their picture taken?!

So really our camera consists of food and dogs... and some randomness...

Is anyone else ready for spring?!?!

My new find at my mom's store! Don't mind the random bamboo that I'm trying to save...see how it's a little's dying, surprise surprise!
All and all I think I'm ready for a little change. Our lives are a little boring so why not shake it up with a sweet little girl...who continues to grow each day!
This dress makes me look much bigger than I am but I LOVE that I have a little belly now, I might be sticking it out a bit too! :) we come!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Reminiscence

Don't you hate it when there is something that comes between you and something you love, it's so hard to re-establish that connection. What if it's impossible to mend that relationship? What if it's just not even worth it? Maybe it's the hormones talking but I am really missing...

I'm serious! I've found out for over a year now that I'm lactose intolerant. Well, if I'm honest with myself it's probably been a lot longer than that I was just in blissful (and painful) denial. I use to always complain after I ate how my stomach would hurt and sure enough, I cut out dairy and voila' no stomach pain! 

I miss it terribly and wish I could re-establish our wonderful relationship, sadly, I cannot. Lately I've been CRAVING cheese, milk, whipped cream, a giant cold huckleberry milkshake from SmashBurger...basically anything that would kill me. How sad is that?! Feel bad for me yet?! I've even tried veggie cheese- yeah...VEGGIE cheese! It's as bad as it sounds. 

I know this post has absolutely no value to anyone or any redeeming qualities but it did make me feel better to vent a little. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

What a week!

Do you ever have a week that you just KNOW is going to be hard and last forever? That is what I was thinking when this week started. Greg was going to be out of town all week, I knew work would be crazy like always, all I was hearing on the news was rain, cold, rain, cold and all I saw and heard about was how great everyone's Spring Breaks were going... I was literally throwing a pity party without the streamers.
Then the Lord said, "Jessica...I'll show you" and *poof* what a week it has been!

It all started with a shock and awww when this little one turned out to be a girl instead of the predicted boy like I was sure it was. It just goes to show you how WRONG those old wives tales are!

I just can't get over what a blessing God has given us!
Then, I thought this week would drag on and on because Greg was going to be on a road trip for a research project for BSU all week. But with a little help from a few of my favorite girls it wasn't too bad!

This pretty lady stayed the night with me one night, she made it so I wasn't so lonely! It made me miss having a roommate!!
Then this adorable miss and I had a great lunch with the fabulous M-I-Love that I have. I don't go out to lunch to often, it was nice to get out of the office for an hour! Much needed...
Then tonight I get to spend it with these beautiful women (plus the infamous Kelly who sadly I don't have a picture of)! What a great way to end the week!

I also was surprised by Greg with our new camera today! Woot Woot! Can you say SPOILED!?

The icing on the cake was the much needed 70 degree weather for the last 2 days! Ahhh! How much have you missed that sun?! I don't even tan and I love it!

I hope your week was great, if it didn't turn out like you wanted or planned...step out into the sun today and get some much needed vitamin D to lift your spirits because who knows when it will be back again!