Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little Perspective

We bought our new camera about a week ago now and I was looking through the pictures we have taken so far. Most of them are junk because we are getting the hang of it. But some of the ones that turned out crack me up because it gave me some perspective about what goes on in our house and lives right now and how much it will change come August!

Dinner time will change...Greg always laughs at me because I love to experiment with different recipes and because we don't get to eat dinner together very often I like to try new things. We made a frittata with ham, tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, onions, and mushrooms this week that turned out wonderful!

Greg gets the cheese, my sad piece is in the background.

Our "relationship" with these two is going to change... Look at those sweet faces! They are truly the best dogs, a little crazy but we love them. Their little world will be rocked but they are dogs and they'll get over it. Give them 2 days after little miss is here and they'll be none the wiser...
Can you tell who doesn't like getting their picture taken?!

So really our camera consists of food and dogs... and some randomness...

Is anyone else ready for spring?!?!

My new find at my mom's store! Don't mind the random bamboo that I'm trying to save...see how it's a little's dying, surprise surprise!
All and all I think I'm ready for a little change. Our lives are a little boring so why not shake it up with a sweet little girl...who continues to grow each day!
This dress makes me look much bigger than I am but I LOVE that I have a little belly now, I might be sticking it out a bit too! :) we come!

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  1. Oh gosh I love all these pictures of your lives right now. This blog will be so fun for you guys to look back on months and years to come. And I love the bump :). And that dress is super cute ... I don't think I've seen it yet ;).