Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Reminiscence

Don't you hate it when there is something that comes between you and something you love, it's so hard to re-establish that connection. What if it's impossible to mend that relationship? What if it's just not even worth it? Maybe it's the hormones talking but I am really missing...

I'm serious! I've found out for over a year now that I'm lactose intolerant. Well, if I'm honest with myself it's probably been a lot longer than that I was just in blissful (and painful) denial. I use to always complain after I ate how my stomach would hurt and sure enough, I cut out dairy and voila' no stomach pain! 

I miss it terribly and wish I could re-establish our wonderful relationship, sadly, I cannot. Lately I've been CRAVING cheese, milk, whipped cream, a giant cold huckleberry milkshake from SmashBurger...basically anything that would kill me. How sad is that?! Feel bad for me yet?! I've even tried veggie cheese- yeah...VEGGIE cheese! It's as bad as it sounds. 

I know this post has absolutely no value to anyone or any redeeming qualities but it did make me feel better to vent a little. :)

1 comment:

  1. Would it help if I had the Huckleberry shake for you? ;).
    So sorry ... I can't imagine life without dairy, so go you!!
    Have you done a test while pregnant just to see if that's your golden ticket? Then you'd just have to get pregnant every time you were really craving dairy. No biggie, right? ;).

    Happy {Dairy Free} Weekend!