Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fa la la la la!!

Because the week of Christmas was filled with so much family, food, and fun I'm going to spare you all the stories and let the pictures do the talking! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! 
Our 2011 Christmas Card
My fun Christmas wrapping!

At the Schmeckpeper Christmas it's a tradition to have a Pente tournament. It's fun, I hate it because I'm not any good...

See, I need to drink in order to even play! (J/K)

So intrigued by all the buzzing, beeping and bright lights!

Grandpa Schmeck and Everlee

Our favorite 7 year old spent the night so his parents could enjoy their anniversary. Breakfast for dinner, secret missions, Halo, Christmas movies and much more! It was a fun night!
Taddicken Christmas! We have the kids open their gifts first...I was excited to watch Ethan open this because I heard he REALLY wanted it! Can't you tell! 

Hmm... I wonder who got her this?!
I walked away with this sweet print from Andrea. I couldn't find the exact link to the seller but it's from Etsy.

She really wasn't sure about some of the toys.

Sweet sisters!

Sleepy baby!

I love watching grandma open gifts, she truly LOVES everything!

Apparently Bee Keeping is the next adventure!

Not sure about my face here but I love these guys! The best cousins a girl could ask for!

Yesss!!! I got one!

Sooo sleepy! She slept until 9:45 the morning after Christmas!

THIS is what it's all about! God sending his son to dwell among us and then die on the cross because he loved us so much! We celebrate his birth, remember his sacrifice and glorify Him who sits on the throne!

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