Tuesday, January 3, 2012

E's Resting Place

I realized that I've never posted pictures of Everlee's nursery. I'm pretty sure the 5 people that read my blog have seen it in person but it's still fun to share :) (all photos are from Andrea)

My mom, Julie and Andrea all helped out with putting together the perfect place for Everlee! I didn't really want a "theme", instead I wanted more of a color scheme that could grow with her. I spent months putting together some ideas on my Pinterest Baby Board. What did we do before Pinterest?!

My mom found a sweet desk and side table that Greg and I painted a fun bright turquoise w/white accents. The doily is from my Great-Grandma Eva.

The print is from The Wheatfield, she has the cutest prints! I want to get a few more for her room. The pink mirror is another find from my mom, it was this awful gold color, I painted it a pretty pale pink.

BEAUTIFUL quilt made by Andrea, she found the perfect fabric and did a wonderful job!

The desk, turned changing table. I really didn't WANT a desk for a changing table but the more I see it the more I like it because she can use it later!

I found this mobile through Pinterest (where else?!) and Julie made it for me via a free pattern from Spool Sewing :) Too cute huh?!

I found the lamp at Target and added the little flowers with more left-over fabric. The rocking chair has been in my family for years, my mom gave it to me.

The left over fabric was used for the bird mobile and the circles above the crib. The sheets were also handmade by one of my friends Cindy.
The GIANT bear from my brother sits opposite the rocking chair and yes, there are stuffed animals in her crib *gasp* don't tell the doctor! They are very special to me, one is my brother's stuffed monkey that he slept with growing up, the other is the stuffed koala bear that I slept with and the last is the koala bear my brother bought Everlee before his accident.

I love her room and I hope she does too! :)


  1. Ahhh, I love that is such a happy room created with so much love for this little one. I think your vision came together beautifully!

  2. I do love that room! You all did a great job putting it together for your sweet girl.