Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nom nom nom nom

Last night we gave Everlee her first taste of  "real" food...

I Think...

She Wants...


Needless to say she liked the rice cereal. I made her some apples today and she LOVED those better (I don't blame her!)


  1. So cute! But how is it possible she's old enough for that already?!?

  2. I loved first bites! And I saw your pinned a link for making and freezing your own baby food in ice cube trays. I did that with Sam. It was so easy I felt pretty stupid that I never did for Claire. Have fun with it all! And, I couldn't help myself, and picked up a couple shirts for E the other day, I'll give them to you at BUNKO. I also have a bouncy zebra she'll be might like in about 6 months, it's yours if you're interested.

  3. What a big girl! I knew she would love it! She's ready! Good job.

  4. Ha! Love it! You all must have had a blast watching her go after that cereal. Enjoy trying all of the fun foods!

  5. Auntie A can not wait for little miss to come have a auntie play date so I can witness this first hand. I also can't wait until I can start feeding her cookies and muffins and all sorts of other yummy treats :).