Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rock On...

So, I mentioned a couple posts ago that Greg's band The Gunfighters had a gig. They have been working really hard and I was able to go and watch with my friend Robin.
I give Greg a bad time about playing sometimes because he will seriously play with anyone that asks because he just likes to play. He is really good too (not being biased at all)...
Their music is a little different, I would categorize it as "folk-rock", if you have ever heard or listened to Mumford and Sons (which I highly recommend) they are a little more "rocky" then them. They even have a legit is that (she says without any sarcasm)

Well, now that I have seen them live I have to shut my mouth. They are good! Their musicianship is incredible, they are all so talented! I'm not just saying this because I get to go home with a rock-star now, they are really good! I wish I would have been able to get better photos but the lighting in the building was hard for me to get a good photo.

Rock on Greg...rock on!

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