Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful {Day 16}

I have a good friend, someone with whom I wouldn't have recommitted my life to Christ without. She is a wife, mom, Young Life leader, and an amazing women of God.
A few years back she had a horrible battle with cancer that spread through her body faster than doctors have seen. She went through the surgeries, chemo and recovery with God by her side and it was so hard to watch but at the same time wonderful to watch her and her husband lean on the Lord through the entire process. She is my hero because of her strength. Because of the fast growing cancer she had to have her whole reproductive system removed but a few years after, God blessed their family with 2 sweet boys they adopted, these boys couldn't be cuter or more perfect for their family. I know God created them just for Kristi and Justin.
Kristi has been cancer free for at least 3 years until this summer. Right before we were all supposed to go to Young Life camp the doctor's found a large tumor that was right on her lung, it was about as big as her heart and growing fast. In fact, it wasn't there in February, that's how fast growing it was. They immediately went into surgery. While we were at camp the Young Life leaders prayed for her the morning of her surgery, we cried and lifted up our prayers to God. We prayed big, that the cancer wouldn't be there at all when they got in there, that the cancer wouldn't have spread, that the cancer would be smaller than they thought...
Kristi's doctor's got all the cancer and it didn't spread anywhere else!! The surgery went so well they didn't even need to do chemo!
It was a miracle because her type of cancer grows so fast and it didn't spread into any other part.

Yesterday we found out the cancer is back again. It's like that stupid cat that came back the very next day. They aren't doing surgery, they are going to start her on chemo.
This time is different, her family has grown, how do you explain this to 2 young boys?!
I think it would be so easy to start getting angry with God, and I'm sure she has questioned God like we all have. But she and her family are staying faithful through it.

Today I'm choosing to be thankful in God's sovereign plan. He knows the plan for the Davis Family, I don't. I can be angry but I'm choosing to be angry at the sin in the world and thankful that God has power over it!

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