Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful {Day 17}

Tonight I got home from bootcamp with my MIL (mother-in-love) and saw that Jake our dog was acting really strange. He didn't eat his dinner, he acted like he had done something wrong and his belly was REALLY swollen and hard as a rock...
Greg got home and immediately took him to the vet because it could have been bloat which can kill dogs in less than an hour. I was so scared and sad, I started crying thinking this is the last time I was going to see him!
Greg texts me and says that the vet seems concerned and he is going in for an x-ray. He texts me later and says that his stomach is completly full of...FOOD!! Idiot, tore a hole in the bottom of Kimber's food bag (which is a special expensive food because she is high maintenance and has food allergies) and had been eating it for at least 2 hours straight! The x-ray showed his stomach so full that you couldn't even see his bladder...seriously.
Oh no, that's not the worse of it-
His stomach is so full that it will tear if he as so much drank water. Yeah...
So because the food soaked up all the water in his body they have to give him an IV and keep him over night to walk him so his stomach won't tear!
He'll be home in the morning, $300 later and hopefully feeling better!!
He is an idiot but I love him...

I am thankful for our emergency fund $$!!


  1. Oh my word! This is post is great! I was feeling all nervous about Jake and then you called him an idiot. Thanks for sharing, it made my Friday morning!

  2. what a stinker! but wonderful pictures of him :) did you know carecredit can be used for the vet too? it's the only reason we have it, but I'm so happy we do!