Friday, February 17, 2012

Faux Insta-Friday

I decided to jump on this "insta-friday" train. I don't have a very good camera phone and most of my pictures will be of a cute baby but who cares right...I'm not even sure many people read this.

We both woke up on Valentine's Day with a sweet card from Greg. What he wrote to Everlee was so sweet and made me cry. Not that what he wrote me wasn't sweet, but he has always been good with words and I think she will really appreciate having these cards and notes from him when she is older.
These 2 were cracking me up this week. Every time I came into the living room they were in a different spot following the sun. Someone is liking our crazy warm weather!
 Ha! No words for this, other than Jake lets me put anything on him! :)
My precious...they are so nice and new...they even play a little diddy when it's done!
Yeah, washed a pen that was in Greg's pocket. My favorite shirt...sad day.
 Since Everlee was born we had all our junk in the one room Greg and I share. He records music and I work from home. Well I spent an entire afternoon and cleaned it up! I think it looks pretty nice! I'm planning on doing a post on it because there are some pretty cool pieces in the room now.
 Everlee LOVES bath time. We just moved her from the infant tub to the bigger one. She would stay in here all day if I let her.

I feel like this week flew by! I'm glad it's Friday, I have a busy weekend. My step-dad's birthday (the BIG 5-0!) is Saturday and my other favorite "E" is turning 8!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. A: I read your blog.

    B: I'm so glad you titled this "Faux-InstaFriday" :)

    C: Love the baby pictures, so jealous of the new washer/dryer, can't wait to see the room reveal and I agree on having those written words saved up. So sweet!

  2. I love that Greg wrote Everlee a Valentine :) It reminds me of (I think it's a commercial for some sort of internet provider) this father who writes his daughter e-mails throughout her entire life, with pictures and videos and then sends them all to her on her wedding day. Very sweet. Dying at your puppers, they are so cute. As is E of course :)

  3. I also read your blog and LOVE it! So sad about the pen. Bummer it wasn't Greg's shirt ;)

  4. I read it too ... I'm just slow to comment ;).

    Greg is sweet ... a keeper for sure ;). Even if he leaves pens in his pocket {that's slightly better than a silver crayon that warms up and gets on EVERYTHING. Gggrrrr.

    Your house is filled with so much fun between the pups and Everlee.

    And I need to come see all the house changes ... such fun!