Monday, July 16, 2012

2-Day Cleanse

I had a few people ask me what cleanse I did last week. I got it out of Women's Health Magazine a couple years ago and I've done it a couple times since then and I really liked how it "reset" my system.

A few things I've learned and love after doing this a few times...
  • Brew a large container of green tea like it suggests and drink it cold (hot would be nice in winter).  I like mine with a little lemon and mint- YUM!
  • DO use their suggestions with how to prepare your food. It doesn't have to be boring!
  • STICK with it! It's only 2 days and you will want to give up on day 2 around 12:47pm but stick with it!
  • If you find yourself getting hungry drink some water or green tea.
  • I love that this isn't a "starve yourself" cleanse. The main foods you will be eating have low calories and high water content which is what helps you loose all that water weight (sounds counter productive huh?!)
  • I would also suggest not doing a hard workout on these days. Instead of doing my normal routine I cut it in half usually. 
  • Don't go out and have a crazy high calorie meal the next day (even though you will want to). If you do this you will have just ruined everything you did!
  • Time for a little "TMI"...It's not a cleanse that specifically "cleanses" if you get my drift... so don't feel like you need to stay home for 2 days! Ha!
    However, because you drink a lot of green tea you will need to use the ladies room quite a bit because green tea is a diuretic.  
I also want to say that I am by no means an expert in nutrition, weight loss or fitness. I just know what works for me. Eating right (and yes Jimmy Johns and Cafe Rio count as 'right') and staying active seem to be the golden ticket for me so I try to stick with it.

This cleanse makes you feel so rejuvenated and it's a good way to restart your system!

Here is the cleanse...yes it says naked in it...sorry about that!
The Look Better Naked 2-Day Cleanse

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