Monday, March 21, 2011

Mushy Monday

I'm not the biggest mushy-gushy person but lately this guy has really been melting my heart...

No! Not him... even though he is precious...I mean honestly, are you seeing the cuteness?!

Yup! That's him! Look at that freckly face (if our kid has freckles my heart will be so happy!) He has always been wonderful to me but lately I have just been overwhelmed by what a great man God has given me! I have come to really love his need to over plan, love of all things organizational, Drudge Report obsession, weird underground music, and a constant interest in the History and Discovery Channel!

Although my pregnancy has been blessedly smooth I have totally slacked on a few of my...dare I say..."womanly" duties. Yet, I come home and the dishes are put away, the bathroom is clean, the laundry is done, and most times I have a cup of tea waiting for me! Now, I don't take care of our finances but I'm pretty sure he would never pay a maid and I don't think he has hired Young Life kids to put away my "un-mentionables" to pay for camp. He is amazing to say the least, and I kind of like him a lot.

I was thinking today while driving home about all these things and  how blessed I am to have such a wonderful man in my life and this song came on the radio, I teared up a little and it made me think of all the fun we have had the last 8 years together and how much more will come!  You'll have to pardon my love of twang for a couple minutes but this song just made me smile...

Okay, enough mush...but seriously...give your hubby a smootch tonight because despite the flaws we all have God gave us one another right?!


  1. Very sweet Jess.
    Yes our Mr. T's are as quirky as they come, but I can't think of better helpmates.

    I've been especially reminded these last two weeks at the gift Matt is to me. From taking care of E so I can rest to unloading the dishwasher and grocery shopping. It's these 'little' things that speak to our hearts.

    Can't wait to see him take on his new role :).

  2. That's so sweet! I'm not a mushy gushy person either so I don't often talk about how incredible Mike is but I really should. He is so good to me. He helps out so much around here, I don't know what I would do without him. And he thinks of the little things A LOT. Like having flowers delivered while he's out of town. :) Other than the weird underground music, Greg & Mike sound a lot alike. :)
    And can I just say how happy I was when freckles showed up on all 3 of my boys little faces? I totally get it! :)

  3. Awww!! I remember when I was working there seemed to be an epidemic of women who constantly complained about their husbands. And I felt bad that they were missing out on so much by focusing on their husband's flaws instead of their goodness. It is refreshing to have friends who appreciate what God has given them and keep reminding me to love what I have. Thanks!
    That was one of the best "side effects" of pregnancy... the circumstances (and maybe even the hormones) made me feel an overwhelming love and appreciation for Jeff. When that little one arrives, the love you feel now will pale in comparison to what you will feel for husband while your holding your little blessing in your arms!