Friday, March 16, 2012

Faux Insta-Friday! Babies, Eggs, and Downton...Oh my!

That's what my week has been about!

This week has been a little weird. Greg has been working 16+ hour days this week so our schedule has to work around his sleeping during the day because he has been leaving at 6pm and coming home at 11am! Hello!?!? What a wonderful and hardworking man I married!

I'm linking up with Life Rearranged is our week in tiny, grainy pictures

It all started on Monday night at Younglife. I'd like to say this is the "worst" it gets but I'd be lying.
Everlee loves to sleep on Greg's chest. I'm sure he doesn't mind either.
Although the weather was less than perfect there was a brief window of warmth and we took advantage! It was a good break for us!

I FINALLY got some time this week to watch the show that everyone is going nuts about. 
Downton Abbey I really enjoyed it! Because of my love for Jane Austen I knew I would! 

Yes, your power of observation is correct, you did see Valentine's day decorations STILL sitting next to the TV. But fear-not this was at the beginning of the week and since then I have updated the decor since then. Andrea gave me the supplies to make this fun St. Patrick's Day banner that now hangs on my newly re-decorated mantel!

What did your week look like?


  1. How far into DA did you get? We haven't talked since the incident with The Turk :)

  2. I am stopping by for the first time...I just started watching Downton Abbey and I am obsessed. Watched a few episodes myself this week!

  3. I love the banner you made! I haven't seen any of Downton Abbey. Yet. I'm kind of avoiding it, cos I know that if I start I'll probably get completely hooked.

    Dropping by from InstaFriday!

  4. Yea, new faces and comments ;). I'm glad you made the most of your week despite G's crazy schedule. I know those weeks can be long and hard, so getting outside and doing a little crafting always helps keep the sanity in check. Hope you had fun last night too!