Monday, March 12, 2012

"Office" Space

I have been meaning to share the "office" space that recently got a little spruce.

Working part-time from home has been a blessing to say the least. It's been quite an adjustment for me and I still have a hard time with it but I know it's what is best for our family right now.

That being said, before our little spit-fire was around we both had our own rooms to do with as we pleased. Mine was a super girly craft room that I LOVED spending time in. Now Everlee gets to spend time in there, how dare she need somewhere to sleep! Greg had a total man room...filled with guitars, amps, guns, American flags...etc. Something to be quit proud of. Then I had to come in and take over...

Although I did take over his space we compromised, I didn't make it girly, it's practical, just like my husband.
Both of our diplomas proudly hung up, my guess is these will come down after time but we poured so much into college (Greg more than me), I am reminded of all the hard work when I look at them.

Right next to the door is this sweet old school desk that was at my mom's consignment shop. It was refinished and holds a locker basket with files for bills, coupons, and misc papers. It's nice to have this right here because now the desk doesn't get 'as' cluttered with papers.
Above the bookcase in the corner is a framed replica of the Constitution. I gave this to Greg a couple years ago for his birthday. I think it's important now, more than ever, to display this.
This old Coke box is from my mom. It holds a lot of our office supplies.
Greg plays almost daily and he found that hanging the guitars was easier than keeping them in their cases (which as of now have their OWN closet). This old trunk  was my great-grandmothers and it was in my brother's house. The other box on top is an old wooden gun case (greg's find via my mom). The flag was in our window while Greg's brother was over in Iraq. We now have it here and I wrote on it the date they all came home.

My "home office" It's usually not this clean. I'm still trying to come up with a way to organize those hideous cords underneath. Any ideas?!

Whoever started using mason jars is genius. I'm usually not a big trend follower, but I am if it's cheap!
I love my new bulletin board. This was such an easy project! I'm waiting for miss katie daisy to return from vacation so I can get a sweet print to put right smack in the middle of the board.
This is my favorite B-day card from a special little man with a necklace he made for me a few years ago. Makes me smile every morning!
This little area warms my heart, reminds me how truly blessed I am. Greg gave me the little card with the boy singing and playing guitar a few years ago and still makes me laugh!
Well, there you have it. Not much but it works for us! Maybe some day I'll be able to have my "own" room again! Until then I'm more than happy to share it :)


  1. It looks good! You did a good job splitting it up. I love the bulletin board! By the way, we had our diplomas up until we moved into this house a few years ago :) It's something to be proud of!

  2. Hurray!! It is looking great ... way to blend your two rooms into one that works for you both. I love the soda box for sorting supplies ... and of course the Ethan section ;).