Sunday, August 26, 2012

ONE year!!

 It's been 365 days since our little girl came into the world!

As a first time mom you are excited, scared, happy, naive, surprised, tired...etc, etc. You don't truly believe people when they say "it goes by so fast" or when you are going through a rough patch "don't worry it gets better". I'm eating my words because I'm now finding myself saying these things to other new moms!

As I look back on the past year raising a baby I have learned A LOT! I've surprised myself, failed but I've enjoyed *almost* every moment. If Greg had it his way I would be pregnant right now, he has enjoyed it a little too much...

I think the thing I learned the most is...follow your gut. Every pregnancy, birth experience, kid...etc isn't the same. God didn't design it that way! He designed us all uniquely in His image!

Oh, the second thing...learn to speak up. It's OK if you don't want your kid to do something and it's OK if you DO! Either way stand up and speak what you want (this is a hard one for me, I'm still learning and hopefully getting better!)

One more thing, if your baby sleeps REALLY well in a weird place like a swing for 8 hours at a time before she was 3 months...just an example. Don't let people make you feel bad. Trust me, in a year she won't remember. She can't remember that she shouldn't eat paper, how would she remember you let her sleep in a swing! But that is just an example... ha!

Now for the fun stuff. Her party!

Andrea helped me with the invites. She is one amazing Auntie (to both of us!)

Everlee's 'favors' to her guests...a picture of her of course.

The pictures I've been taking every month with the big bear- thanks brother :) I displayed them on the mantle with a scrap banner from her beautiful quilt from Auntie A!

I only had 2 months where I forgot the take pictures, but luckily we were out and about when it was her month b-day!

Let her eat cake. Oh, and I don't know if you know about these tissue-paper flowers, they aren't really popular but I thought they'd be cute :)

yes...I sewed...paper!

Greg snapped this sweet picture of me as we were getting things ready. Awesome right?!

Everlee asked for books for her birthday because she loves them and doesn't have a lot...

She forgot that she asked for them, so surprised by the books!

Wait, this is ALL for me?!


Whew, it's rough being the center of attention and eating a whole cupcake!
Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you so much and have brought us so much joy!

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  1. GREAT party! The pictures are awesome! Love the one of you two while she's eating cake! :)
    You are a great mom! The first year is rough but you did beautifully!
    (the part about her not remembering she shouldn't eat paper made me laugh! so true!)