Friday, May 17, 2013


Now that I got through Thursday's Office finale, I think I'll be okay... I seriously had a hard time! It was the one show that Greg and I watched from beginning to end together and I just love it! It's my fav and since we own all the DVD's I'm sure we will be watching for years to come!
And yes, I do know these people aren't real and I get being sad it weird, but I don't care...

Now, for my week as I link up with Life Rearranged- It was very productive and relaxing!

Mother's Day was relaxing just like I wanted. New flowers to brighten up our little home was just what I needed!
After the little takes a {3+ hour} nap I do my work out and then lately have been taking advantage of the warmer weather and take some time for myself and soak up that sun!  My heart and white gams are thankful for it.
This has been my go-to lunch for awhile now...basically everything but the kitchen sink salad with THIS yummy avocado vinaigrette dressing from Whole Foods.
We have been doing some spring cleaning around here and I tackeled our walk-in closet. I have a big bin of dress-up clothes for Younglife and Everlee thought this was her new look. I think she pulls it off pretty well. Katy Perry eat your heart out.

This weekend I'm looking forward to fresh kokanee salmon, cooler weather, cheering a special someone through tweets during her first half-marathon, more spring cleaning and most likely a delicious nap on Saturday.

What are you looking forward to?

Happy Friday!

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