Monday, May 6, 2013

S'more of what?!

I had a tough week last week, Greg was gone, Everlee is switching into "toddler" mode (consisting of more attitude- oh the joys of parenting), and a few other life things just made for a tough week. Needless to say, by Friday I was so glad I got to spend some time with my favorite peeps and knowing Greg would be home when I woke up Saturday helped!

We've been itching to have a fire in our fun fire-pit to kick-off summer, but it's been so windy but Saturday was a perfect evening! This was Everlee's first fire-pit adventure, she was a little cautious about the fire, and really didn't like how sticky she got from the marshmallows (drama queen) but she got use to it and had fun! It was the perfect way for me to relax and enjoy some family time, I needed it!

Can we talk about this beard of his?! Someone has given him a challenge that he joyfully accepted!

She slays me...

Summa summa time! We are ready for ya!

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  1. We love our fire pit! I'm not sure what it is about sitting around a fire that's fun but we do love to do it!