Monday, May 7, 2012

Keeping my sainty!

When the cats away these are the things keeping this mouse from loosing it!

I've been working on getting back into my workout routine. It's been harder than I thought it would but I've been getting a lot of great ideas on Pinterest...imagine that! I have been pretty consistent with 3-4 days a week. Once Greg comes back I want to start running again.
Top Gear UK is so funny. Greg and I discovered this gem a couple years ago and it's on Netflix. You don't really even need to like or know anything about cars. The British humor is enough for me!
Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorite shows. I own all the seasons on DVD, I just pop a disc in while I'm doing things around the house. Love this show, wish it was still on!
THIS cold-brew coffee I've already raved about but it's so yummy and keeping me going. It's scary good. I also drink WAY to much of it during the day.  
THIS good. I can usually read a book in a couple days (or one night depending on how good it is!) but for some reason with this book I have found myself only reading a chapter or two at a time because I don't want it to end! Highly recommend it! And can I just say...hello Zac Efron, you have come a long way since High School Musical!
Our church is going through the book of Romans, so I have been doing my devotionals in it as well. It's a powerful book. It's simple yet complex at the same time. Andrea posted yesterday a great reminder from our service on Sunday, it reflects a lot of what I've been struggling with in my life lately. God is good, all the time, regardless of life's circumstances. God is glorified when we struggle and lean on Him. 

 What keeps you from pulling your hair out?!

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  1. Uhm first, sorry for being lame with comments ... I hope you know I still love ya ;).
    Second, the blogs is ADORBS. You know I love the color combo and the bunting.
    Third, we need a date to now go see The Lucky One!!
    Glad you only have 2 more days before you get a little break!!