Friday, May 4, 2012


This week (well really more like 2 weeks) have been a little rough. Greg has been out of town working hard for our family so I have been a single parent for awhile. I'm not a fan but I love that he works so hard for us, even from far away!

I'm linking up with Life Rearranged!

With Greg being out of town we have done a lot of errands and crashing friends houses! Ethan even said, "Why is Jessica coming over AGAIN tonight?!" Love that kid!
By the way, do you SEE that crazy hair! It's like having my own Chia Pet. There is no controlling it.

Thank you Carrie Underwood for coming out with a new album! I read that it's not getting very good reviews, who are these people?! Probably the same people who thought the screen play to Glitter was a good idea.

Lastly, look who decided to start really crawling the minute her dad left town...
I know it's not a camera phone picture but it's still pretty cute!


  1. Linking up with InstaFriday! :)

    I agree on the critics, what do they know? Carrie's new album (what I've heard) is great! They just want the same cookie cutter stuff.

  2. haven't crashed my house and I live within walking distance! Should I be offended? :)