Friday, June 22, 2012


Hurray for Friday! You are finally here!
My phone is starting to get over it's drama and acting better, it still takes crummy pictures but who cares!!

Hurray for Andrea and Ethan! Best way to start the day!
I walked past Kimber on our best at least 5 times the other day...still didn't see here sleeping in between all those pillows!
Hurray for THIS breakfast TWICE this week!! 
Hurray for summer! So this isn't technically my picture (obviously- notice how clear the picture is?!) Andrea took this at little swimmers on Thursday. She LOVED the pool!
This isn't a phone pic either but I thought it was funny and since my friend Jessie is having a baby as I type I thought it would be appropriate! Welcome to the world baby boy!
Hurray for the weekend!

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