Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful {Days 9-11}

Yeesh I have some catch-up to do. Instead of picking something each day I'm going to combine, and since there really aren't any rules...who cares right?!

I'm thankful for our church

This weekend Greg and I had the opportunity to go up to McCall for a quick leadership retreat with our church. Our church has been in transition the last year and as anyone knows, change and transition can be hard. It's hard but most of the time beneficial in the long run. For me this weekend was filled with hope and peace that as a church body we are moving in the right direction and most importantly we are doing it with Christ as the leader.

When you go to a leadership retreat there are always a lot of ideas thrown around and historically most of these never come to fruition. However, I'm so encouraged by our church because left with an actual direction...hello...awesome! Now, not everything will come out how we would like it but ultimately there was excitement to move forward and serve God!

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