Thursday, October 27, 2011

Orchard Outing

Being at home is such a blessing, it allows me to take care of our home but it also gives me the opportunity to be around family more! Especially the best GREAT aunt in the world! Who, by the way, is really talented with a sewing machine, check out her goodies!

She is quite the "domesticated diva" (she doesn't know I call her that, but take my word for it this momma knows what she is doing!)

I mentioned to her I wanted to learn to can and with it being apple season we took a little trip to a local orchard a couple weeks ago to pick up some apples and pumpkins. I meant to take some pictures but I forgot to put the SD card back into my camera before we left, I'd like to say this was a one-time mistake but it's happened A LOT! I would have also liked to post some pictures of me actually canning but again, forgot to document the process!

At any rate, I'm stealing pictures of the orchard trip from Andrea...
Something about this picture just makes me smile, can't you just smell the crisp fall air?
Ugh, don't you just love fall! It's my FAVORITE season!
I feel like I look like a witch in this picture but I still love this picture of me and my favorite 7 year old! :)
She's pretty enthusiastic about the pumpkins!
Such a proud cousin!

Well, good morning, would you like to join the rest of us?! 
I'm sad we didn't get a picture of all of us but who wants to see the adults when you have 2 cute kids with you, right?
I made some applesauce, apple butter, apple juice, apple cider, and an apple crumple dessert! Shockingly I still had HALF a box...then my lovely mother gave me another huge box of apples. So we all know what I'll be doing next week! I'll make sure to take some pictures too!

Happy Fall!!

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