Friday, April 20, 2012


Why hello friday...we meet again!

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This week was busy busy there a week that we don't consider "busy". I'd like to go to that place!

We were in project mode this time of year...gotta love Spring-time projects!
Greg has been wanting to update the lighting in our kitchen for-e-va. We have that weirdo florescent lighting, so we took those out and Greg installed some recessed lighting. It's not done quite yet but I think it's going to come together nicely.

This wall has changed so many times since we moved here, its a weird space between the living room and dining room. I did the ever-popular gallery wall. I like it! 
We are getting a new roof! Wahoo! They are installing it as we speak! So excited! I'll do a before and after later.
Next project to go is raised-garden beds! I now just need to learn how to NOT kill plants.

I haven't cooked as much the last few weeks because Greg is working a lot and isn't home for dinner. I decided this week I would make dinner even if he wasn't going to be home...we had spaghetti, this cheeseburger salad (so yummy), lettuce wraps and I think my fav of all week...
Homemade Chinese!! Seriously good and A LOT better for you!
Usually when Greg works so much I have a rough week with Miss Everlee. This week, not so much, she was so good to her momma!
So snugly...for about 5 minutes.

We took a nap together and I didn't realize that she has been rolling over and sleeping on her tummy! Usually in the morning she is on her back kicking and playing! So sweet to see her like this.

I hope your week was wonderful and your weekend is even better!

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  1. We're in project mode here too. Although it feels like we always are!
    What Chinese did you make? I made cashew chicken this week and it was so good!
    Have a good weekend!