Thursday, April 12, 2012

Portland or Bust!

We are planning a trip to Portland for a dear friend's wedding at the end of May. I'm really excited because we haven't had a vacation that wasn't to Young Life camp since our 1st anniversary (not that I'm complaining, I love camp, we just can't go this year). It's good timing because it's also the weekend before our 5 year anniversary, so we are making a longer trip out of it. Everlee will be taking the trip with us and at the time she will be 9 months...hello?! Seriously, does anyone else feel like she was just born? So I'm wanting to do things that will be good for her.

All this to say, I'm searching for things to do. I haven't been to that area in years, and what I know of Portland consists of scenes from Portlandia.

We are probably going to do the touristy things like the zoo, rose garden, downtown Portland...etc but I'm wondering if there is anything non-touristy that we can't miss out on?! What should we make sure we do? We are pretty adventurous and will try anything...well almost anything!

I'm just hoping we run into these two-

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  1. I can probably add one or two things to your list :) Let me talk to Mike and see what he would add and then I'll email you.