Monday, April 2, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter (not really)

Yeah, I wish! I can say with 100% certainty that all Everlee received from me was my blue eyes, fair/bad skin and temper. Could the girl have gotten at least my hair or something?! I mean, seriously, I did carry her around for 9 months!

She looks so much like her dad, it's surreal. Not that he isn't a good-looking man, he is!

I told Greg a few weeks ago that I don't have really any pictures of just Everlee and I. So when we went over to his parents to celebrate great, GREAT grandpa's 92nd birthday I asked his dad to snap a few shots...

Aww, sweet! But do you see the mischievous look? Wait for it...
Annnnd we're done...

Luckily, this last weekend we both had some beauty sleep and I told Greg to take a picture of us before we left to run errands.
Love this! Look at those chunky arms (not mine, hers) don't you just want to munch them?!
That day was awesome! It was about 72 degrees and beautiful out! We ran to Lowe's and got some flowers and plants to start sprucing up our house, this has been quite the project (more pictures to come). While I was outside working Everlee joined me, she loves being outside. I'm a little weird about her being in the direct sun for to long because if she is anything like me I burn in about 10 minutes! But Greg slathered her in some SPF and snapped a few adorable shots!

Gosh I love this girl, even if she does have some of my less than desirable traits! :)

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