Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIWW with a little peach fuzz

I've been wanting to do WIWW for awhile now. Not because I want to take pictures of myself (because that is super awkward, do you smile, not look at the camera, have your husband take the pictures...) I wanted to really challenge myself to get ready for the day! Sounds like a lame challenge but I'm telling you, it's been harder for me to get in a groove since Everlee was born then I thought it would be!
So here goes...I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy.

Here is what I look like about 80% of the time. Nice, no?!
shirt: YL camp 2011, workout pants from Costco, shoes: old asics
 Going to get my hair did...

top: Old Navy, jeans and boots: Target, necklace: Lisa Leonard
Friday Date Night! Haven't done this in awhile. Dinner and The Hunger Games (so good!)
top: Kohls, jeans: Citizens of Humanity, necklaces: J.Crew
These are some of my favorite! See the little giraffe, to cute!
Saturday, running errands....etc
tank and cardigan: Target (not so thrilled about the cardigan), jeans: J.Crew, NEW watch: Kohls (Greg calls it my Kardashian watch), necklace: local shop
Tuesday- running errands, easter choir practice (this is what I look like the other 20% of the time)
top: Old Navy, jeans: OLD from American Eagle, shoes: burlap Toms
Another one of my favorites from Andrea, love this!
Now for a little random. The last week or so I've noticed these little wispy hairs growing under my bangs. So random...

Do you see them?! It's making it really hard for my hair to lay right. The sweet gal who does my hair said it happens a lot after having a baby. When you are pregnant your hair gets supposidly thicker, then starts to thin back out after they are born, THEN apparently you get peach fuzz. Whatever, at least it's not falling out anymore!


  1. I have done WIWW a few times and I never know how to take a picture of myself :) it is good for effort though. You look great and you look like you are having fun in your pictures!

  2. I've got thise baby regrowth hairs too & they are driving me NUTSO!! I have that striped old navy shirt too, love the little ruffles.

  3. I think you're adorable! You know I do. But the WIWW posts (in general) crack me right the heck up. Some of these women take themselves WAY too seriously! Clearly, you with your tongue sticking out, do not :)
    Would you be surprised to know I have that same mirror? :) Or I should say HAD that mirror. Graham climbed up the side a few months ago and broke it beyond repair. It has since become a wall-hanging mirror :(